Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence 2016

We are pleased to announce the dates for this year’s Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence: 1–8 May 2016. 

The theme for the 2016 Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence is: “Time to End the Deadly Flood of Guns.”  The specific focus in each country will depend on the local and national context, but could include, for example, marking of weapons, stockpile management, more effective border control and management to prevent the easy flow of weapons across porous borders, improved laws and regulations to prevent guns from flooding into our communities, addressing the factors leading to demand for guns, removing weapons from domestic violence abusers, and making sure that gun traffickers are arrested and prosecuted. The gender dimension, children, and survivor participation are cross cutting issues that should be highlighted in the week's activities.

The Week of Action (WoA) is a time to highlight the international campaign to stop the proliferation and misuse of small arms, promote the effective implementation of the United Nations Programme of Action (UN PoA), and raise awareness of the epidemic of gun violence and its consequences.

Actions for the week include:

  • Meeting with parliamentarians or government officials to press for actions to reduce gun violence that can be reported at BMS6;
  • Engaging media outlets to ensure gun control and disarmament remain a priority in your country;
  • Raising awareness amongst politicians, media and the general public of the humanitarian and development impacts of arms proliferation across borders as well as into our communities, and the need for stronger control mechanisms;
  • Launching a social media campaign (Twitter, Facebook and blogs) to push governments to report on their progress at the BMS6.