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UN Small Arms Process

On 7th November, members States of United Nations at the 67th session of UN General Assembly First committee, voted the Resolution L11 on the Arms Trade Treaty in New York at UN Headquarter. 157 voted in favour, 18 abstentions and Zero vote against. The Resolution mandates Conference on ATT to be held in March 2013. The ATT Resolution was initiated by a group of co-authors including Argentina, Australia, Costa Rica, Finland, Japan, Kenya and United Kingdom.

The 67th Session of the GA’s First Committee will begin on Monday 8th October at the UN Secretariat in New York.

IANSA is pleased that the Second Review Conference of the UN Programme of Action (UNPoA) managed to reaffirm States’ commitments to address the illicit trade of small arms and light weapons (SALW).


IANSA has a presence at UN Headquarters these two weeks to ensure that civil society is strong and visible at the 2012 Review Conference on the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons (UNPoA), taking place from the 27th August to 7th September.
The summaries below provide some highlights of the work of the Review Conference.

IANSA's presence at the Second Review Conference of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons (PoA) was launched as three members, Jasmine Nario-Galace (Director, Center for Peace Education, Philippines), Hector Guerra (Network Coordinator, IANSA, Mexico), and Marie-Thérèse Ngandji (Executive Director, Caritas, Gabon) delivered speeches addressing IANSA's review of PoA Implementation so far, and hopes for further progress in the future.

Transcripts of the three speeches are available below.

Disarm Domestic Violence

An International campaign for the Elimination of Violence against Women is under way.

In Israel, a newly proposed ‘Security Services Law’ threatens an existing, though un-enforced, clause of the Firearms Law that restricts security guards from taking their guns home. If the proposed law were implemented it would automatically allow security guards to take their guns home whilst off-duty.

Nearly 60% of women murdered in Argentina from 1997 to 2010 were killed with a gun, according to IANSA member Asociación para Políticas Públicas (APP).

On International Women's Day, the Coalition for Gun Control in Canada and a wide range of organisations promoting women's safety continue their fight for the national long gun registry.

IANSA Women all over the world are celebrating International Women’s Day on 8 March, highlighting the campaign Disarm Domestic Violence, and calling for the inclusion of references to gender based violence in the Arms Trade Treaty.

The Arms Trade Treaty

In the new report 'Moment of Truth for Yemen', Amnesty International documents the brutal repression of a wave of protests against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh which has left 94 dead according to the organisation’s latest figures.

Members of the Control Arms Campaign have issued a press release demanding a thorough review of UK arms exports to the Middle East and North Africa. 

Amnesty International says a new report from the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office reveals that UK policies have facilitated arms sales to Libya and other countries that were inconsistent with the UK government's stated aims of protecting civilians against human rights abuses.

On 16 March, 11 Central African countries adopted the “Sao Tomé Declaration on a Central African Common Position on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)”. 

Amnesty international is calling for states to immediately stop the supply of arms and ammunition to Bahrain, in response to recent violence against protesters in the country, killing at least 8 people.

Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence

In Burundi, Women United for Peace in the Great Lakes Region (FUP/GL) have dedicated the latest edition of their bulletin, ECHOS DES FUP/GL to the Week of Action

The Coalition for Peace in Africa (COPA), a member of the Kenya Action Network on Small Arms (KANSA), is inviting people to share their views online on what needs to be done to tackle the proliferation of small arms in East Africa.

Women in Alternative Action, an IANSA member in Cameroon, marked the 10 year anniversary of the UN Programme of Action on small arms (PoA) with a people’s consultation on the Central African Convention on Small Arms, also known as the Kinshasa Convention.

As part of the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence, the Nepal Working Group on Small Arms and other portable lethal Weapons (SAplW), an open-ended network of 40 organisations, held a workshop on gun violence in Nepal on 16 June 2011.

In Pakistan, the Society for The Empowerment of People (STEP) organised a meeting for 30 Police officials from different police stations in Khushab, Pakistan.

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