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Full Members of IANSA are civil society organisations whose work includes action to stop firearm proliferation and misuse. They must sign and adhere to the Members’ Charter, and support the mission statement, values and current policy positions of IANSA and demonstrate that some of their activities further the mission.

Latest news from members

On 22 February, more than 100 community leaders gathered for a 3-hour workshop on how to reduce gun violence in Madaba, Jordan. It was organised by IANSA member Madaba for Supporting Development (MSD) with support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Just over 3,000 children are killed and 17,500 are injured by guns every year in the US, according to the blog site ‘Kid shootings’, run by members of Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation, Protect Minnesota and States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

Egyptian activists have filed a lawsuit seeking to abolish a decree from 1964 which allows the police to use firearms to disperse demonstrations, stating that it gives them free reign to commit serious human rights violations.

During the ATT PrepCom, IANSA members were active lobbying, campaigning and hosting side events.