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Full Members of IANSA are civil society organisations whose work includes action to stop firearm proliferation and misuse. They must sign and adhere to the Members’ Charter, and support the mission statement, values and current policy positions of IANSA and demonstrate that some of their activities further the mission.

Latest news from members

Swedish disarmament campaigners are outraged after a new report shows Swedish arms exports are higher than ever, reaching a total value of over 2 billion USD in 2011.

The new report 'Transparency and accountability: monitoring and reporting methods under an Arms Trade Treaty' has been released by TransArms Research and the International Peace Information Service (IPIS).

Project Ploughshares

On 15 February, the Conservative government of Canada won approval in Parliament for Bill C-19 that will abolish the national registry of rifles and shotguns and allow the destruction of records on 7.1 million guns currently registered.

Arms sales from China and Russia are fuelling serious human rights violations in Darfur according to Amnesty International (AI). A new briefing paper documents arms flows to the region, including significant volumes of Chinese made ammunition for small arms

Instituto Sou da Paz

In Brazil, a group of ten young researchers conducted a survey in M'Boi Mirim in São Paulo exploring perceptions and attitudes on security, gun control and voluntary disarmament in the area.