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Full Members of IANSA are civil society organisations whose work includes action to stop firearm proliferation and misuse. They must sign and adhere to the Members’ Charter, and support the mission statement, values and current policy positions of IANSA and demonstrate that some of their activities further the mission.

Latest news from members

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has signed an Interfaith Declaration on an Arms Trade Treaty. He said, "A historic decision was made in 2009 to negotiate a legally binding Arms Trade Treaty.

Police in El Salvador have seized an average of 12 weapons per day so far in 2011. According to Hugo Ramirez Mejia, Deputy Director of Public Safety, a total of 3,915 firearms were seized between January 1 and November 15.

An article about the Control Arms campaign written by Luis Gutierrez-Esparza of CLAEI, an IANSA member in Mexico, has been published on the website Guru Político.

Fundacio per la Pau

On 3 November, Fundació per la Pau and the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) held a meeting on ‘Analysis Tools on the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)’.

Amnesty International is calling for the UN Security Council to impose an arms embargo on Syria to prevent further human rights abuses against peaceful protesters in the country.