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Full Members of IANSA are civil society organisations whose work includes action to stop firearm proliferation and misuse. They must sign and adhere to the Members’ Charter, and support the mission statement, values and current policy positions of IANSA and demonstrate that some of their activities further the mission.

Latest news from members

The Cote d’Ivoire section of the West African Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA-CI), in collaboration with the National Commission to Combat the Proliferation and Illicit Circulation of Small Arms and Light Weapons, has launched a campaign for elections free from armed violence.

IANSA woman, Binalakshmi Nepram of Control Arms Foundation of India (CAFI) and Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, has been awarded the Sean MacBride Peace Prize for 2010.

Last week in Germany, Joerg Kretschmer, the father of a teenager who shot dead 15 people and then himself on 11 March 2009 at Albertville Secondary School in Winnenden, went on trial.

Coalition for Gun Control

On 22 September, Members of parliament in Canada voted 153 to 151 to defeat Bill C-391 that would have ended the country's mandatory registry for rifles and shotguns.

Instituto Sou da Paz

In Brazil, Instituto Sou da Paz is selecting two projects by young people to 'Disarm the Mind' with a focus on gun control and alternatives to armed violence.